A Process Equipment Management Company

​​PERITUM strives to be a trusted name in providing a range of Project Management Services. PERITUM is actively pursuing partnership with few Experienced and well known Process Equipment Design Companies to bring their expertise and technologies to Kazakhstan combined with local Fabrication/packaging services, hence developing local skills. . In this process we have successfully qualified PERITUM with COES SRL, AMR Process Inc, CANADA & SAMIC SPA, Italy as their local partners for central Asian Region.


COES bases its activity on long term tradition in the field of industrial machines.
Our team, with 50 years of experience in engineering and production, led the company through the 20 years anniversary mark.

COES bases its activity on over 40 years tradition in the production of twin towers plants for compressed gas.

Multi-year experience together with the high number of machines, worldwide installed, assure high quality and availability for our oil systems.

COES design and produce auxiliary skid units according to the specifications of main engineering companies, in the respect of international rules.

To complete the range of products and to satisfy the Customer’s needs COES produces shell & tube heat exchangers.

COES is providing these services in Central Asian region with the help and support of its local partner PERITUM. 

AMR Process Inc from its origins in Alberta, the heart of the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry, and world leaders in Heavy Oil Technology, AMR Process has grown to a recognized International Oil & Gas Process Package & Technology company, with experience in Onshore, Offshore, Sweet, Sour & Cold Weather designs & applications.

AMR Products include Heavy Oil, Desalter, Oil Dehydrator, Heater Treater, Gas Dehydration, Amine Unit, Electrostatic Desalter, Electrostatic Dehydrator, Molecular Sieve Dehydrator, Gas Sweetening, Gas Conditioning Gas & Oil Process Packages & Technology, and Produced Water Treatment Process Packages & Technology. For more details please visit their website https://www.amrprocess.com/locations.

SAMIC SPA, Italy, is a company specialized in the construction and assembly of industrial plants. Over the last 50 years it has been dedicated to the quality of its finished products. Samic workshop areas are adequately dimensioned for high vertical assembly of components and the realization of installations with considerable size and complexity.

Samic products find a wide range of applications in thermal, hydro, oil & gas and in particular for petro-chemical industries we are producing Ammonia & Urea reactors components. For more details please visit their website https://www.samic.it/en/